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National Employment Standards and the KiwiRail MECA

The workplace has always been a common source of injury, infections, and diseases. It is estimated that each year there are also approximately 700-1000 deaths from occupational disease and 100 deaths from occupational injury. In addition, each year there are approximately 17,000 – 20,000 new cases of work-related disease and 200,000 occupational accidents resulting in ACC claims.

As there are inherent risks in a work environment, the Government has developed legislation, regulations, codes, and sets of guidelines to promote and protect the health and safety of workers.

By Hazel Armstrong and Kristen Bunn

ACC – What support can I get?

Once ACC has covered your claim, they can provide various types of support. The type of help ACC can provide depends on what your needs are.

ACC can contribute to a wide range of medical and related costs, including doctor’s visits, treatment from various other health professionals, surgery, x-rays, prescription costs, etc.

If you need help managing at home following your injury, ACC can arrange various types of help for things like housework, your personal care and childcare.

For more information see the ACC website, or contact us to discuss your ACC claim.